Your Android mobile can be disabled from autocomplete with Google Chrome

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 15 Aug, 2022

Google Chrome's autocomplete function should be disabled on your Android mobile: we explain why and how.

In part, because it comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Android smartphones and partly because it has so many features, Google Chrome is without a doubt the most popular mobile web browser. 

As a result of this, today we will explain why you should disable Google Chrome autocomplete and how you can do so because one of its major disadvantages is that it does not protect your privacy, or at least not as well other alternatives like Mozilla Firefox or Brave. An Android mobile running Google Chrome.

Although Chrome's autocomplete option is really convenient when surfing the Internet, it can also be used by criminals to obtain your personal data stored on your Google account.

During the autocomplete, cyber criminals do not display all the data they will need during the autocomplete on the fraudulent website, so you are likely to notice that the website requests a number of data, including your email address, your password, and your credit card information, but there are other data that they keep out of the visible area of the website.

By enabling autocomplete in Google Chrome and selecting fields by hand, you can prevent yourself from covering hidden fields and giving private data to malicious programmers without realizing it.

Chrome has a hidden feature that helps you save battery life and reduces CPU consumption. 

When you use Google Chrome for Android, autocomplete is usually enabled by default. After filling out the first form, the big G's web browser lets you save your information to fill in these fields automatically in future forms.

Chrome does not save the data at this point, but we recommend that you disable the autocomplete system in order to prevent it from appearing again.   

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