A mom of two introducing a Word window tool over the name of her business

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 26 Aug, 2022

British woman!

Kate McKenzie launched a new product, and she received a letter from the U.S tech giant over the product name. It's Microsoft, the name called Word Window, that helps children learn to read.

Exception similarity!

The company allegedly took exception to the similarity of the name for its PC operating system, windows, and its word processing, Microsoft word. 

Microsoft Market!

McKenzie is not trying to be in the Microsoft market as she is trying to help dyslexic children learn to read. The turnover of Microsoft was $197.7 billion last year. 

Helping children!

McKenzie is in dispute with Microsoft over the name of her business, word window, which helps children with literacy.

Handheld tool!

She spent four years developing this tool where children can read after being inspired by her son's struggle. 

Usage of the tool!

The tool is placed over the books and covers the text's lines. It leaves some middle gaps so the children can focus on specific words.

Without prejudice!

In October 2020, she filed a patent for Word Window but received a without prejudice letter from Microsoft nine days before the launch on 1st July. 

Children in the struggle!

Word Window helps children struggling with dyslexia by breaking down words into manageable chunks with its window and superhero Wordy. 

Son of McKenzie!

McKenzie is the mother of two children, Luca, 9, and Elliot, 3. Her son was quite excited to read books, but her son Luca was struggling with dyslexia, which made her launch this word window tool.

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