A racial bias lawsuit filed by Tesla against a CA civil rights agency has been denied

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 23 Aug, 2022

Tesla was denied its lawsuit against the state's civil rights watchdog for not conducting proper investigations before suing it for racial discrimination at its Fremont assembly plant by California's Office of Administrative Law.

Tesla filed the petition with the OAL in June, alleging that the Department of Civil Rights , previously known as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing , adopted 'underground regulations' that disregard the requirements.

the agency must meet before filing a lawsuit against employers. Tesla lawyers argued that the DCR failed to provide fair notice of an investigation or help mediate disputes, leading to a court case.

A letter has been sent to Tesla denying its petition, according to Reuters. Tesla's challenge was denied by the OAL, which reviews state agency regulations, but Reuters says the agency did not provide any reason.

A source familiar with the law told TechCrunch that the OAL might have rejected Tesla's petition since it would have needed to be submitted before the DCR filed its complaint.

Tesla has the right to pursue its claims in court, and updates on the case should be provided this week. In response to Tesla's OAL petition, California Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo refused to stay.

the case, but agreed to hear a demurrer motion, or motion to dismiss, on August 24 based on a potential question regarding DCR practices.

Tesla was originally sued by the DCR in February after the DCR collected hundreds of complaints from workers and evidence.

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