Amazon has partnered with Ginger to provide mental health care

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

You can find Amazon everywhere: in doctors' offices, at home, in shopping carts, and now at therapists' offices, too. Ginger has partnered with Amazon's virtual healthcare program, Amazon Care, according to a webpage for the program. Insider was the first to report the new offerings.  

Amazon Care's behavioral health options are outlined on the website. Some mild anxiety issues can be addressed by primary care providers on the platform.

Amazon Care provides referrals to providers outside its network for patients with more serious concerns. Using Ginger, companies will be able to access mental health coaches and therapists 24/7 as an optional add-on for Amazon Care.

Ginger and Amazon Care share health information, according to the website. People in the United States are in great need of mental health services, but finding a traditional in-person therapist can be difficult. Despite potential privacy risks, mental health apps have flooded the market to fill that void.

A request for comment from Amazon was not answered at the time of publication, and Ginger's partnership with Amazon has not been publicly announced.  

As of 2019, Amazon Care offers hybrid in-person and virtual care services to Amazon employees in Seattle. All 50 states now have access to the service, so companies can offer it to their employees.

Aside from launching its own pharmacy in 2020 and integrating Alexa into hospitals, this is just the latest step taken by the tech giant in healthcare. It was announced in July that Amazon would purchase primary care company One Medical.

Amazon is getting involved in every aspect of our lives - not just healthcare. As recently as last week, it also agreed to buy iRobot, a company that develops maps of people's homes' floor plans.

According to Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, Verge smart home reviewer, Amazon probably bought the company for that reason. It's another tendril that extends from the tech company and wraps over to the private sphere, giving them a more comprehensive view of your life.

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