As opposed to Zuckerberg's cursed selfie, the metaverse won't be cringeworthy

Asserting his support for Meta's bland virtual reality platform, Horizon Worlds, which will debut in France and Spain shortly, Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a selfie of himself to mark the expansion.

As a result, Facebook users quickly started sneering, jeering, and sighing at the graphic, featuring the boyish CEO in front of a low-resolution Eiffel tower model. It's hard to blame them, is it?

Where the image offends you - and I would consider that reasonable given Meta's influence on our virtual past and present - then perhaps this statement will provide you with some comfort: Mark Zuckerberg is listening.

 There is no doubt in my mind that he sees you. He says, more or less, that there isn't going to be a metaverse looking that wacky, he says. 

As good news, hopefully, we won't have to worry about this kind of situation for very much longer after all.

“We are going to be making some significant improvements to the Horizon and avatar graphics very soon so stay tuned. 

The CEO of Meta said on Friday that he would share more information at Connect, Meta's upcoming developer conference when he posted on Instagram.

“ As well as that, I am aware that the picture I posted earlier this week was not the best - it was taken very quickly to celebrate the launch,” the executive added while showing signs of humanity.

 As it turns out, this misstep echoed a phenomenon that everyone is familiar with: the act of posting a late-night selfie, only to regret it later that morning.

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