Can't edit a post on Facebook? Is it true? Know the Updates Here

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 24 Aug, 2022

Disappeared option

The edit button from Facebook seems to have disappeared recently, according to Facebook users on Twitter and other social media platforms.

User's doubt

A user on Twitter asked, 'Why did my 'edit post' button disappear?' @facebook posts can't be edited anymore. Have we gone back to 2007?

Need of explanation

Many people were confused about the disappearance of the button and wanted Facebook to explain why the function had gone away.

No answer for changes

The social network hasn't explained why some users don't see the button. Unless Facebook announced the change, most people assumed they made it intentionally.

Perception of Apple users

Since downloading Apple's latest operating system version, some users have noticed that they can no longer edit their Facebook posts on Apple devices.

Upset with the changes

This morning, Facebook no longer has 'Edit' buttons after updating the Apple software on the iPhone. Only comments can be edited, not posts. 'WTF,' wrote one Twitter user.

Finding issues in Apple phones

On Android devices, users can still edit, but the feature is no longer available on Apple products. There is a possibility that Apple's software update is responsible for the problem, which is not ideal.

Apple users about updates

Errors should not be introduced into existing software by updates but rather corrected within existing software.

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