Demos based on achievements are being tested by Google Stadia

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 13 Aug, 2022

Players will be able to demo games differently on Google Stadia. There will be an achievement-based demo system being tested by the game streaming platform, which will allow people to preview games until they unlock certain achievements.

The achievement-based game trial system will be tested next week in Control and Sniper Elite 4 by Stadia, according to Game Developer. 

Players have only been able to demo games until they unlock an achievement in 50% of cases, while the remaining 50% are still limited to timed demos. 

A limited number of participants took part in the test so that Stadia could examine the effects of demo games with a different trial length metric.

According to Rebellion North head Arden Aspinall, the test players for Sniper Elite 4 will play until they unlock the 'Beginning of the End' achievement, which can be achieved within an hour of finishing the first mission. 

Sniper Elite 4 will be accessible through the achievement-based game trial system so that players will be able to experience the full game and the scope of the series before purchasing it.

In Aspinall's opinion, the trial gives people who never played Sniper Elite games a chance to experience what Sniper Elite games are all about. 

Hopefully, some of these gamers will eventually convert to Sniper Elite fans and players, but at least we're offering as many people as possible the chance to play.

As Stadia's senior product manager, Karan Arora explained, developers have been placing 'meaningful achievements' in their games, which inspired the achievement-based game trial system. 

Despite game achievements being around since the PS3 and Xbox 360 era, he said these achievements greatly illustrate what gaming means to him.

It's exciting to provide development teams with the opportunity to focus on those impactful, memorable moments with new players, even if it takes no effort on their part,” said Arora.

A Google Stadia account is not required to access the achievement-based game trials. After completing one of the demos, your progress is saved so you don't have to restart.

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