How do you train a parrot to use Alexa, and is it a good idea

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2022

As we've discussed, Alexa can be used for silly things, as well as to cause mischief, including ordering things from Amazon, by very young children. Especially if you have an inquisitive parrot at home? What if it activates Alexa?

A parrot owner shouldn't be surprised that this might be cause for concern. A parrot can learn to speak the human language enough to activate Alexa on devices like Echos. We know everything we can about these clever birds.

The first thing to remember is that parrots are very intelligent birds. As one of the few creatures with brains similar to humans, it comes as no surprise that they enjoy participating in human activities. 

According to owners, parrots pick up Alexa by themselves - without training. Each of these examples features African Grey parrots, which appear to be remarkably adept at picking up nuances of voice commands.

Smart displays aren't safe either, even if your parrot can't mimic Alexa commands. A bird's visual orientation can cause problems for some people. 

A parrot taps the Fresh Cart ad picks a recipe and adds all ingredients to his cart. According to Reddit, parrots mostly learn words from their owners, and Alexa's response range is usually too limited for them to learn anything new. 

Smart devices can help teach your bird how to interact with your home. Jen C's YouTube channel shows her cockatoo Ellie using a tablet computer in her cage to ask for nuts, trace designs, and more. Similar to voice assistants.

With Alexa, you can learn some fun parrot-related skills. The Parrot skill mimics a parrot by repeating back what you say.

Moreover, this informational skill and others like it offer interesting facts about parrots. Remember that you can prevent any problems by turning off voice purchasing in the Alexa app.

If your parrot is smart enough to confirm orders and complete purchases, then you can also enable a voice code that must be entered before orders can be completed.

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