In an industry first, U Mobile offers 1,000 gigabytes of high-speed data for less than RM100

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2022

Tan Sri Vincent Tan's company U Mobile is offering industry-first 1,000GB high-speed data offerings with its 5G-ready postpaid plans, partly owned by Singapore's investment firm Temasek.

As the first telco to offer high-speed 4G/5G data with its U Postpaid 98, U Mobile touted a massive 1TB of data.U Postpaid 68 combines 5G-ready features with an unbeatable full suite of options to meet customers' connectivity and lifestyle demands.

Navin Manian, chief marketing officer at U Mobile, said the new postpaid plans were timely due to customers' changing needs since Covid-19 began two years ago.

'As we have looked at the changing trends of our customers over the past two years, we have noticed a few things. First, we have noticed an increase in data usage, which explains our plans giving up to 1,000 GB of data.

In addition, we have seen more and more customers traveling, especially after the pandemic, which is why we have created a plan that covers 63 countries and gives you free global roaming.

'Smart devices are the third example. As more and more people buy 5G devices, the price keeps going up, so we are offering flexible financing options to our customers, such as pay later and save more.

The third is connectivity for the whole family. We are offering the sharing of the same 1,000 GB pool so that the whole family can connect at high speed without breaking the bank,' he said.In the next 15 months, Manian expects to unveil more 5G-ready postpaid and higher-end postpaid packages.

'In terms of the company's performance, we will do better and grow. We have done well over the years. Our customer base has grown to over 7 million, and it is growing,' he told yesterday's New Straits Times.

At just RM98, U MObile said customers could enjoy worry-free connectivity.'The U Postpaid 98 plan offers up to six family members unlimited calls and 1,000GB of high-speed data for only RM38 per line, making it the best family plan on the market today.'

In addition to U Mobile's U PayLater, customers can also take advantage of U SaveMore for more savings on a new 5G device.In terms of value, the U Postpaid 68 plan is a good option.

It costs RM68 per month to get 100GB of high-speed data capable of supporting 4G/5G.A new 5G device can also be bundled with U Postpaid 68 to enjoy unbeatable savings.

In both postpaid plans, Malaysians can roam for free in 63 destinations, including popular destinations like the UK, the US, South Korea, Portugal, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, and the UK.

In addition to free roaming data, customers can also make free incoming calls from any of 63 destinations.'The new 5G-ready postpaid plans from U Mobile are a major shift in our approach to supporting our customers' evolving needs.

'We have made sure U Postpaid 98 and U Postpaid 68 are unbeatable and full-featured with all the high-speed data you need.' Manian continues. 'The plan is affordable, 5G-ready, and is built to meet the needs of a family, especially in this tough economic climate.'

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