In response to a viral TikTok video, Apple has reportedly threatened to fire an employee

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 16 Aug, 2022

The company is allegedly threatening to fire an employee who posted an iPhone security TikTok video. As an Apple employee and posting Apple-related content, Paris Campbell says she violated company policy.

Apple warns employees not to post about customers, colleagues, or confidential information on social media, but it does not specifically prohibit workers from discussing technology on social media.

The internal document states, 'We want you to be yourself, but we also want you to be respectful in your posts, tweets, and other online communications.'

Currently working as a repair technician for Apple retail, Campbell, a single mother living in New York, has worked with the company for nearly six years. As a result of her response to another TikTok user who lost her iPhone at Coachella, she received threatening text messages threatening her personal information would be sold on the black market.

The user was warned not to listen to the extortionists by Campbell in her response video, saying, “I can’t tell you exactly how I know this information, but I can tell you I’ve been a certified hardware engineer for a certain company that likes to talk about fruit for the last six years.” She added, “Your phone is actually useless to them, and the only person who can save them is you.”

The video went viral in 24 hours, garnering 5 million views. In a phone call, Campbell was told by a manager to remove the video or face disciplinary action, including termination. The manager walked back the original comment and said he would get back to her after she asked what would happen. It hasn't happened yet.

In a second video posted over the weekend, Campbell revealed she was an Apple employee waiting to learn if she was fired. The video was the first time she identified herself as an Apple employee. It’s funny because, after reviewing the social media policies, it doesn’t say I shouldn’t identify myself as an Apple employee publicly, just that I shouldn’t do so in a way that makes the company look bad.'

In addition to 439,000 followers on TikTok, Campbell has a significant social media following.In spite of the popularity of her posts, she may still get fired. A high-profile activist and an Apple employee were fired last year for allegedly sharing confidential information. In spite of that, Campbell says her videos contain no new information.

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