It generates electricity by converting waves generated by the sea into electricity

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2022

In an effort to meet our rising energy needs, we are looking for new ways to harness renewable resources. The key question, however, is why ocean and sea waves haven't been utilized in carbon reduction strategies.

It has now been discovered that a company in Cyprus has developed a floating gadget that captures wave energy and converts it to electricity.

It's very possible that Waveline Magnet could be the most efficient and effective wave energy generator in the world if everything goes according to plan.

Interesting Engineering reported first on the Cyprus-based Sea Wave Energy Limited's ten-year progress in wave energy.

It was shown earlier this year that the Waveline Magnet prototype was constructed from numerous floating platforms that form the appearance of a floating spine.

As a result of the flexible and modular design of the energy generator, it is able to follow the waves smoothly. In this way, the gadget can control the amount of energy it collects from the waves.

In addition to being less expensive to produce, the device utilizes reinforced plastics that do not require specific production lives. The devices are also quick to produce and deploy, and require little maintenance and repair.

It is estimated that a single wave energy converter can produce up to 100 MW of electricity under the right conditions. Furthermore, it is already competitive with fossil fuels due to its low cost of production.

It has been mostly restricted settings that have been used for testing the prototype. Larnaca Bay in Cyprus was the only place where the device was tested open-sea last year.

As a result of the device's spine-like movement, the company believes it will be able to move with the waves instead of against them, extending its life as a shipboard device.

The device could also be made from recyclable materials, thus reducing the impact on the environment as compared to wind turbines or solar panels.

As well as recycling discarded plastic, reinforced plastic also offers a renewable energy source that was previously untapped.

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