It's even more dangerous than ever with the new USB Rubber Ducky

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

A new version of the hacking tool was released to coincide with the Def Con hacking conference this year, and its creator Darren Kitchen explained it to The Verge. New features make the latest edition more dangerous than ever, according to some tests we conducted.

As far as the human eye is concerned, the USB Rubber Ducky looks like any other USB flash drive. It works just like a USB keyboard on a computer, which accepts keystroke commands from the device just like you would type them.

Rubber Ducky is a fan favorite among hackers and has been around for more than ten years. The latest Rubber Ducky takes a big step forward with enhanced features that make it more flexible and powerful than ever before.

The Rubber Ducky previously let users harvest login credentials by creating fake Windows pop-up boxes or by causing Chrome to send all saved passwords to an attacker's server.

In spite of this, these attacks had to be carefully crafted for specific operating systems and software versions, and they were not flexible enough to work across a wide range of operating systems and software versions.

In order to overcome these limitations, the Rubber Ducky has been updated. The DuckyScript programming language, which creates the commands the Rubber Ducky will enter into a target machine, has been upgraded.

As opposed to previous versions of DuckyScript, version 3.0 offers a more feature-rich language that allows users to write functions, store variables, and use logic flow controls.

As a result, for instance, the new Ducky can check whether it is connected to a Windows or Mac machine and conditionally execute the appropriate code if it has been connected to the wrong one. A variation in the delay between keystrokes can be added by generating pseudorandom numbers.

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