Leaked memo warns Twitter Shopping's content moderation risks

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 27 Aug, 2022

Twitter's shopping

Twitter's shopping feature, called Twitter Shops, launched in March. 

Harder to moderate

A leaked internal memo warns that the feature could make it harder to moderate harmful content. 

Twitter employees

The Verge says the memo was sent to Twitter employees in July of last year and only a small part of it made it to the tech news site. 

Can be used maliciously

Twitter's new shopping feature could be used maliciously by threat actors, a leaked internal memo warns. 

Twitter confirms

Twitter confirms that the internal memo that was leaked is true.

Twitter Shops

It turns out that some of the features of Twitter Shops, both the ones that are already out and the ones that will come out in the future, have been labeled as high risk.  

Social network staff

And this time, The Verge says that a recent internal memo for the social network's staff shows that the shopping features may pose problems with content moderation.

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