Planetary property developers get alien creatures drunk by offering space for sale

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 13 Aug, 2022

Aliens need homes, too, and Space for Sale gives you the chance to build your own homestead in a backwater solar system. The creatures that call your solar system home, as well as the eccentric requests of your alien clientele, are a few of the obstacles in your path.

A job that requires you to set up plots and meet aliens' potentially bizarre requirements requires you to play the role of an astronaut property developer. There's more to the game than just selling plots to aliens and earning space money, as the trailer demonstrates.

In addition to giving GameSpot an early look at the game, THQ also revealed a few of its other features. There are also sandbox elements in Space for Sale, so you won't just be building houses in your solar system.

As you explore, gather resources, and scan the planets, you'll be making your way around them. Making money gives you access to more options for improving your property-selling abilities by improving your own base.

Mirage's planets are procedurally generated and are based on various environments-we saw sand deserts and lava-filled worlds. There will also be a lot of weird creatures on the planets that will add wrinkles to the gameplay. If you can outsmart them, you might be able to avoid some while others will be aggressive, and some might even be useful to your development.

Among the creatures Mirage showed us was a crab-like creature with a back covered in rocks--minerals you could harvest if you managed to find them. But the skittish crab always evaded the player astronaut, making snagging those materials difficult.

The astronaut solved the crab's problem by feeding it a fermented, overripe fruit. As a result, the crab stumbled around for a while before passing out in hilarious fashion.

By incapacitating the crab, the player was able to harvest minerals from its back and use them to advance their goals. In Space for Sale, Mirage claims the creatures are the stars, and they appear as interesting and bizarre as your alien clients.

In its 2022 game showcase, THQ Nordic unveiled a trailer for Mirage Game Studio's Space for Sale, which gives an idea of what the top-down management game will be like.

Additionally, you'll find that your solar system has problems of its own. The reason it's on sale is that it's infected with a mold called space rot that you'll have to find a way to combat.

the 1992 survival horror classic Alone in the Dark, a racing game, Wreckreation, that resembles Burnout Paradise, and Tempest Rising, which looks like a tribute to real-time strategy games from the 1990s.

Despite not having a release date yet, Space for Sale is heading to PC. THQ Nordic also showed off some new, unannounced games during its showcase, including a reboot.

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