Playstation 5 Unity Tech Demo Demonstrates Impressive Graphics Improvements

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 13 Aug, 2022

Despite the PS5's already impressive graphics, it's anticipated that they'll improve as developers grow into the hardware and the engines they use evolve to take advantage of its power.

Unity, for example, has undergone one of its most significant evolutions to date by joining forces with tools from Wētā Digital, Ziva, SpeedTree, and SyncSketch.

For the everyday PlayStation gamer, what does this all mean? The Unity engine will have better graphics in future games!

A new tech demo, 'Lion: Unity Art Tools,' features a realistic lion interacting with a realistic cub. This is so impressive because it's running real-time at 4K 30 FPS on the PS5.

Previously, creators would have had to wait a long time for a scene like this to render, which took longer than the scene itself.

On the PS5, these images can be rendered in real-time at 4K 30 FPS using Unity Art Tools.

The Unity blog post can be found here for more details. For those looking for a quick overview, the tech demo shows off features such as deformation on the animals, high-fidelity foliage, realistic fur, advanced global illumination, hair simulation, and advanced lighting.

Despite the impressive showcase, I'm sure many readers of this post are eager to learn when we'll see this technology in modern video games. There's no word on that just yet, but here's hoping it happens soon.

Another PlayStation news item is Microsoft's claim that Sony will benefit from the launch of its first-party games on PlayStation Plus.

The PS5 might finally come with special edition bundles from Sony. PS5 users will soon be able to download Spotify's native app.

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