Plex has cracked data such as passwords, and emails, so please be alert

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 25 Aug, 2022

Email notification

Plex sent customers an email notifying them of a security breach in which account information such as usernames and passwords may have been compromised.

Unknown reason

Although there is no evidence of the breaches, Plex advises all users to change their passwords immediately.

Giant platform

Plex is one of the largest media server apps available, used by nearly 20 million people to stream their self-uploaded videos, audio, and photos.

Huge content

The platform also offers the types of content that the users choose the genres to paid subscribers.

Email statement

We discovered suspicious activity in one of our databases. It appears that they were able to access a subset. Although compromised personal information is not yet confirmed, they advise the customers to be vigilant.


Plex reassures customers that 'all account passwords that may be granted are hashed and protected according to best practices.'  


After conducting additional reviews to strengthen the security of all our systems further to prevent future intrusions, Plex has urged the customers to secure their accounts as per instructions on the company page.

Additional resources

Plex puts the Two-Factor Authentication option under your Account page. You can also get assistance from a free or paid password manager to easily manage unique, difficult-to-guess passwords across all your apps, services, sites, and other facilities on your mobile. 

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