Snoopy will travel to the moon on Monday with NASA's Artemis I mission

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 27 Aug, 2022

Safe to launch Snoopy

It is now safe to launch Snoopy. In a 1969 comic strip by the late Charles M. Schulz, the beloved Peanuts character actually visited the moon.

NASA Brings Cuddly animals

NASA brings cuddly animals on board because, when they begin to float, that means the spacecraft has entered zero gravity.

The Associated Press Noted

The Associated Press noted that Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first person to travel into space, carried a small doll when he launched on Vostok 1.

Snoopy Performed

Snoopy performed a comparable mission in 1969, according to, flying with 'Charlie Brown' as the call signs for the lunar and command modules that carried humans on a final practice flight prior to the first moon landing.

Never forget watching the Apollo 10 mission

I will never forget watching the Apollo 10 mission with my father, who was so unbelievably happy to see his creations make history in the field of space exploration, said Craig Schulz, the son of the well-known cartoonist and director of The Peanuts Movie.

According to Space

 According to, Snoopy's Artemis 1 clothing comprises a specially built, 10-by-7-inch version of NASA's Orion crew Survival System pressure suit, which is constructed from the same materials as the suits that astronauts will wear on upcoming Artemis missions.

The Snoopy plush toy

 The Snoopy plush toy will serve as the zero-gravity indicator.

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