The Chorus for Meta Quest 2 has been announced by Logitech

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2022

While some people are not prepared to take up VR, there is a market for it. Currently, Logitech is rushing to bring its VR contribution to the Meta Quest 2, one of the most popular VR headsets.

Meta Quest 2 required a new Logitech Chorus. A new approach to headset design and custom-tuned off-ear acoustics allow Chorus to deliver immersive, ultra-realistic audio.

We wanted to make VR accessible to as many people as possible,' said Vadim Kogan, Head of Logitech's AR/VR business group. With Chorus, gamers can stay immersed in their favorite VR experiences and games for long periods while continuing to enjoy their favorite fits and comforts.

With Logitech Chorus, you can enjoy immersive, ultra-realistic audio that's never been achieved before, thanks to a new approach to headset design with custom-tuned off-ear acoustics. 

With this new design, you'll find an open-back design, rotating speakers, and an integrated strap solution. It allows Meta 2 Quest users to stay cool while moving fast and free in the Metaverse. You don't have to worry about anything in or around your ear.

The Logitech Chorus provides gamers and people with realistic audio with the comfort and convenience they need, all at a lower price than similar audio solutions on the market today,” said Matt Green, Logitech's senior manager of acoustics engineering.

The Chorus represents decades of feedback from developers, gamers, and the VR community. The Chorus from Logitech creates an immersive virtual world experience with large open-back audio drivers.

With BMR drivers, gamers will be able to hear all of the big moments as well as the smallest details. It is possible to be immersed in the virtual world while also being aware of the real world around you with off-ear acoustics that is custom-tuned.

The Logitech Chorus weighs 6.42 oz and is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It never needs to be removed or unplugged from your VR headset. Chorus is fully integrated with USB-C passthrough once it is connected. Power is not required separately. 

The power cable allows you to watch movies all day long. Logitech Chorus is the new audio solution for Meta Quest 2 that is expected to retail for US$99.99. For more information, you can visit Logitech's official website.

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