The company is rolling out a new technology to prevent parties by scanning renters' histories

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

In an official statement, Airbnb said it has been testing the screening system for listings in the United States and Canada since October of last year.

According to a recent statement by Airbnb, new technologies will be used to detect and block people who try to use the short-term rental service to throw parties.

It announced Tuesday that it has developed technology that examines rentals' history on Airbnb, the distance between the renter's home and the property he or she wants to rent, and more.

Airbnb has said it has been testing the screening system that is being rolled out for listings.

In the United States and Canada since last October in parts of Australia, where it led to a 35 percent decline in the number of unauthorized parties using Airbnb listings.

The company, based in San Fraancisco, said the technology is designed to make sure a customer's request for a reservation does not reach the host of the property at all when they request one.

The company said that people who have been blocked from renting a whole home might be able to rent a single room since the host is more likely to be available during the night.

A shooting in a San Francisco suburb on Halloween night in 2019 resulted in the death of five people, including two of the Airbnb guests who were attending the party. Since then, Airbnb has been under growing pressure to curb the number of parties.

The following year, Airbnb announced that it was banning parties in all of its listings and that anyone under 25 couldn't rent out an entire house near their home unless they had a history of positive reviews on the site.

In June, the party ban became permanent after initially being imposed during the pandemic as a temporary health measure.

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