The discovery of armored dinosaur fossils in southern Argentina

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

A small armored dinosaur fossil was discovered. The fossil of a dinosaur was found in Argentina by a group of paleontologists. Jakapil Kanyukura is the name of the fossil of this small dinosaur. Intriguingly, the dinosaur appears to have an unusually shaped body.

A Jakapil Kanyukura has pointed skin that appears armored. The dinosaurs may represent a new line of armored dinosaurs that have never been discovered before.

Ancient creatures such as dinosaurs are very popular. It is unknown how dinosaurs lived in the past. The dinosaurs disappeared millions of years ago from the earth's surface. Its extinction is still uncertain.

The study of dinosaurs has so far relied solely on fossils found at archaeological sites. It was done some time ago by a group of paleontologists.

They have just discovered a new dinosaur fossil that's never been seen before. In terms of hardness, the skin of Jakapil Kanyukura is equivalent to that of steel.

Jakapil Kanyukura looks a lot like primitive relatives of armored dinosaurs, including Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus.

The Cretaceous period was the last era of living dinosaurs, so these dinosaurs belong to that period. The era lasted from about 97 million to 94 million years ago.

A fossil of an armored dinosaur has been discovered in southern Argentina about 100 million years ago. Researchers estimate it roamed the region about then.

This is the first time a Jakapil fossil has been discovered. It is the first species of armored dinosaur discovered in South America during the Cretaceous period.

In addition to Stegosaurus, this dinosaur belongs to the Thyrophora group. The Ankylosaurus has a stick-like tail, and its body looks like a tank covered with armor.

The bone armor of Jakapil Kaniyukura also provided him with good protection. As the disc moves down the spine, it travels along the neck, back, and tail of the body. It is only 1.5 meters tall and weighs not more than 10 kilograms, making it not very tall. Jail is generally similar to a domestic cat.

Its size, which is similar to that of a primitive dinosaur, also surprised researchers since it is only known from the late dinosaur era. The fossil of this armored dinosaur was discovered in the form of 15 tooth fragments that resembled leaves, similar to iguana teeth.

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