The Google Pixel 6a is put to the test in this harsh durability test

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 22 Aug, 2022

As described by one of our writers as 'the iPhone SE for Android I've been waiting for,' Google's recently released Pixel 6a has captured the hearts of many people looking for midrange phones.

How will Google's Pixel 6a fare against daily use? Is it likely to be able to withstand most of the abuse? In the course of everyday activities, will it be easy to scratch? Is it going to break if you sit on it?

A popular YouTuber - Zack Nelson from Jerry Rig Everything - recently put the $399 Pixel 6a to the test, including scratches, bends, and even burning. Nelson confirms Google's assurance that the Pixel 6a's front screen is indeed protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

The next item on Nelson's list is his trusty box cutter. In a somewhat extreme act, the YouTuber scrapes the blade down the sides of his brand new handset, revealing a metal frame, as well as plastic volume and power buttons.

As Nelson points out, one of the things that Google has been particularly good at over the years is the camera quality, in addition to collecting all the details of our lives in the most minute details.

While the oval-shaped glass that protects the two 12-megapixel cameras does not suffer significant damage when scratched, the rest of the camera lens housing is constructed from plastic and suffers severe damage when it is struck by the box cutter’s blade.

As you can see, the phone is badly scratched by this point, but the reason for most of it is the brutality of the assault. Nelson advises owners to get a case and cover regardless since the device's Gorilla Glass and metal frame should hold up well.

A picture of a giraffe is then carved out of the back of the device, seemingly as a way of evidencing that it is not a glass device, but rather one made out of plastic instead.

A short monologue followed, featuring alliteration and little information about the phone's durability, but plenty of information about the YouTuber's impressive verbal skills.

Then Nelson takes out his trusty lighter and burns the front display for 20 seconds before any damage is apparent. The Pixel 6a, or any smartphone for that matter, is highly unlikely to come into contact with a naked flame during day-to-day use. Nevertheless, he enjoys doing it.

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