The I-Team investigates an antisemitic Twitter account

Vegas (KLAS)

KLAS-TV: Even though Las Vegas Metro police reported threats to kill Jews, Twitter didn't remove the account until Wednesday.

Las Vegas man

Las Vegas man accused of threatening to kill Jews over Twitter, according to I-Team. Last Monday, police detained 48-year-old Andrew Gorelick.


The tweets were still posted on Gorrelick's account as of Wednesday afternoon. An investigator found 44 tweets that 'directly threatened to kill Jews or urged for killing Jews'

Killing everyone now

Some tweets said 'Killing everyone now. I won't stop until they're all dead' and 'Kill all Jews now.' Police reported the posts to Twitter, but the corporation didn't remove them.

Gorelick threatened Jews

The investigating officer noted that he questioned Twitter about Gorrelick's account because he feared for the Jewish community.

Twitter Support emailed the officer that the account's tweets were not an emergency. The I-Team discovered the postings Wednesday afternoon and questioned Twitter why Metro hadn't suspended the account.

I-Team requested Twitter's opinion

Twitter closed the account when the I-Team contacted for comment. A Twitter official said, 'The account was permanently disabled for many hostile acts.'

Twitter's hate speech policy

Twitter's hate speech policy: 'You can't insult or threaten anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, handicap, or serious disease. We also don't allow accounts whose sole objective is to damage others.'

Violent threats show intent

'We don't accept violent threats against a specific person,' the corporation warns online. 'I will murder you is a violent threat.

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