The latest Chrome update patches yet another exploited vulnerability

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 18 Aug, 2022

The latest Chrome update contains 11 security fixes for the browser, so users may want to update. It may not be as fun as an update that brings a new logo or improves RAM, but for anyone who is concerned about safety, this is a pretty important release.

It's reported that one of the security fixes in the 104.0.5112.101/102 update is for zero-day vulnerabilities, which are vulnerabilities found before the vendor or owner of the software knows about them.

In Chrome's latest update, one out of 11 fixes appears to be for a zero-day vulnerability. Chrome has patched five zero-day exploits this year. In response to zero-day exploits, Google has had to patch its systems.

A number of other bugs in the patch are fixed, including several use-after-free vulnerabilities. It usually occurs when programs do not clear their memory after use, leaving a pointer open to attack. The majority of fixes involve floating points, which seems to have been a real issue for Chrome.

The official Chrome Releases page has a full list of the fixes in this patch. In addition to telling you what each fix addresses, it also credits those who reported the issue. In some cases, these are Google employees; other times, they are free agents looking to help.

It's pretty cool to be able to see what compensation Google provided to the reporters in this list. As an example, one use-after-free bug was reported by an anonymous source and they were paid $5,000 for it.

It's nice to see that finding exploits in Chrome is at least a little bit rewarding for those looking to do good as well as evil.

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