The latest jailbreak tool for iOS 15 is Cheyote Jailbreak

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2022

Apple released iOS 15 in 2021, the latest version of its iOS operating system. In addition, iOS users are eagerly awaiting the official release of iOS 16. In the current tech world, minor versions of iOS 15 are heavily used.

 Apple's iOS 15 was the most recent version of the iOS for which jailbreak was possible. iOS 15 was released in 2021 and is said to be the latest version. iOS 16 is expected to be released on October 26. 

As of right now, the minor versions of iOS 15 are heavily used in the technology world. It is claimed that iOS 15.6 is the latest version, and none of the iOS 15 versions has been jailbroken as of yet.

The good news is that Team Odyssey who released Odyssey and Tauring Jailbreak tools is partnering with Electra Jailbreak Developer cool star to release an Untethered Rootless Jailbreak Tool for iOS 15 - iOS 15.1.1.

The new jailbreak tool is called Cheyote Jailbreak and it is compatible with the following iPhone models: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4.

The current update for Cheyote Jailbreak states that it will also support iPhone 13 Jailbreak, but it will take some time to develop iPhone 13 support. The Chayote iPhone and iPad OS models that support Cheyote can be found here.

The Jailtrial team has developed an application that allows you to install Cheyote Jailbreak Online without using a computer.

I've provided a direct link for you to download an app called 'Cheyote Jailbreak Installer' that lets you download the Cheyote Jailbreak IPA without using a computer.

The Chayote IPA will be based on the other releases by Coolstar and Odyssey Team, which means it will be hosted either on Github,, or depending on your preferences.

The Chayote Jailbreak IPA file can be downloaded using Sideloadly or Cydia Impactor, after which you can use one of them to install Cheyote on your iPhone / iPad.

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