The number of LEDs on the Nothing Phone 1 was counted by a YouTuber

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 16 Aug, 2022

When he posted a teardown of the new Nothing Phone 1, popular YouTuber Zack Nelson promised to count every LED that makes up the handset's striking Glyph Interface if the video got at least 50,000 likes.

As more than 100,000 viewers liked the teardown within a day, Nelson took on the challenge and published a video demonstrating how to count all of the phone's LEDs on Monday.

The new Nothing Phone 1 is distinguished by its transparent back that reveals some of the handset's inner workings as well as multiple strips of LEDs that light up according to the type of notification received.

The lights are also used to display the battery level of the phone and offer a useful light source to make it easier to brighten up a subject in low light conditions.

The challenge is kicked off by Nelson stating that the company behind the Nothing Phone 1 has already reported that the device contains 'more than 900 LEDs' across the strips found on the back of the device, which will be the result of the manufacturer's development.

As the YouTuber removes the translucent pieces of white plastic that cover the lights, he then begins counting every LED on each piece of plastic.

The tedious process takes about 10 minutes, but toward the end, you can start seeing signs that the count is not going to end up meeting Nothing's intention of having at least 900 LEDs on the strips, as they had claimed.

As Nelson contemplates the unexpected situation that has just occurred, he takes a moment to give it some thought that is difficult to put into words.

With the help of a powerful close-up camera, he carefully examines the LEDs along the strips and notices that they're doubled. This discovery instantly increases his total by two.

The question then becomes, exactly how many of those lights there are on the back of the Nothing Phone 1? Let's see what happens in the video, I guess we'll just have to watch it to find out ...

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