The other reason to ditch TikTok is that it can record whatever you type

It is one of the most popular apps for sharing videos, with just over one billion users a month. In the last few months, the service has become increasingly popular among younger users because it offers viral clips and life hacks.

The reputation of TikTok is less than squeaky clean. It has been accused by U.S. lawmakers of capturing sensitive information from users of the app. 

The app now tracks users with code. The following article details how this is happening and a clever way to avoid tagging.

The built-in browsers of many apps make it easier to navigate to other sites. Instagram and Facebook, for example, don't open the website in your phone's default browser when you tap on a product or service. It instead uses the built-in browser of the respective app.

A similar feature is available on TikTok, where links are displayed in the app's browser. The ability to browse and reach content quickly is not unusual, as it allows you to browse and reach content quickly. TikTok's browser, however, has raised some eyebrows because it tracks what you type.

In a study conducted by Felix Krause, seven apps were tested. TikTok is the only one that seems to track keystrokes, although a few other apps do so as well.

The in-app browser in TikTok utilizes JavaScript code that can see everything you type. It happens in a few other apps, but not to this extent. The tracking of this kind is deliberate, Krause explains.

'The company made this decision actively. It is not a trivial engineering task. It doesn't just happen by chance, but by design.

It is true that the features exist, but allegedly TikTok uses them only for troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and bug fixing. However, there is a simple way to avoid TikTok tracking your keystrokes.

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