The Reddit site displays an error message saying that no apps can perform this action

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 23 Aug, 2022

The latest Reddit update prevents app users from performing this action. Anyone experiencing this issue?”, one Redditor asked.

Several users have reported that they have been getting an empty bar when they open external links. The problem has persisted for over a week.

During the meeting, participants shared their concerns and asked if other people had similar experiences.

My drawer shows 'no apps to share with' instead of 'open with' if I try to open an external app like my web browser. I've checked my defaults and nothing appears to be wrong. Is there something I am missing?”

This was also an issue, but I thought it might be caused by an app I installed for a new job. I removed that app but still had the issue. I ended up switching to opening things in the app and then opening the browser and it worked.'

The latest Reddit update is believed to be to blame for this issue, which is extremely irritating for frequent visitors. People cannot access Twitter or YouTube links or use other apps. The good news is that there is a potential solution to the persisting problem.

I discovered that if you disable the 'Open supported links' option on the Reddit app information page, it will allow you to open external links in a web browser when you click on them. There was a user who was experiencing the same problem previously but shared a possible solution with us.

Whenever I try to open links in external apps, I get the message 'no apps are allowed to perform this action.' I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and I was able to open links when the settings were set to open links within the app.'

There has been a couple of instances when I have been able to get links to open in a non-browser app when I click 'reply' to a comment, and then once I have clicked the link, the link will appear in the box that shows the comment I am replying to. I have yet to try this with generic links.'

 According to the article from The Next Web, this tactic also works with links that open in the browser rather than within the app itself. Furthermore, it has been reported that the fix has worked for some people, but the developers at Reddit have yet to acknowledge this issue.

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