The Robotic Metaverse Selfie of Mark Zuckerberg Is Getting Roasted Like A Laptop Playing Sims 3

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 18 Aug, 2022

Jesse Eisenberg plays a robot in The Social Network (2010) with big plans for the future of online interaction. The person was named Mark Zuckerberg. The criticism.

It is regrettable, however, that he did not fully embrace the material before him: a pasty man with unsettling orbs for eyes and a mysterious lack of self-awareness. The new Metaverse selfie from Zuck doesn't repeat that mistake.

In spite of the fact that I have full intentions of posting this article on Facebook, I would like to talk about Mark Zuckerberg's strange new Metaverse selfie, which has been roasted online. In addition, its resemblance to him is being praised.

In 2020, Zuckerberg released Facebook Horizon, a glorified video game similar to Animal Crossing, except Stephanie from primary school replaces the cute animals.

Adding to this digital Disneyland of unspeakable online horrors, Zuckerberg announced Horizon Worlds this week. It's like Facebook Horizon but with the Eiffel Tower.

In this Metaverse world, you can build the reality of your dreams. Apparently bullied kids are the most successful ones, but do they have to incorporate what they have learned from their pain into their work?

As a way to celebrate the launch of Horizon Worlds, Zuckerberg took a selfie in the Metaverse and posted it on his Facebook page.

As a kid, I didn't play Slenderman, but I'm pretty sure that's what you see when you don't collect all the pages.It's amazing how easy it is to make a digital Zuck that looks exactly like him. It's amazing how simple his head is.

It's true that we've been interacting with our friends through digital avatars for years thanks to a smorgasbord of games. Does Zuckerberg realize this?

It's no surprise that the internet is teeming with excitement about Zuckerberg's unrelenting efforts to prove his 'coolness'.

The A4-coloured alien pretending to be a human online doesn't make any sense to me, but I wish it would stop.

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