The TikTok browser can track the keystrokes of users

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 23 Aug, 2022

The researchers said malware and other hacking tools often collect information on what people type on their phones when visiting outside websites, which can reveal credit card numbers and passwords.

The New York Times reports that major technology companies often use such trackers when testing new software, but they don't usually release major apps with the feature, whether it's enabled or not.

According to Krause, TikTok's in-app browser monitors keystrokes in a problematic way, as users may enter sensitive information such as login credentials on external websites, said Jane Manchun Wong, a software engineer and security researcher who studies apps for new features.

In response, TikTok believed Krause’s report was “incorrect and misleading” and that the feature was used for “debugging, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring”.

TikTok refuted the report's claim that it collects keystrokes and text inputs using this code.The 28-year-old said he was unable to determine whether keystrokes were being tracked, and whether TikTok was receiving that data.

TikTok and its parent company ByteDance currently employ 300 former Chinese state media workers, according to Forbes' review of LinkedIn profiles of public employees.

At least 23 of these profiles appear to have been created by current directors at ByteDance, who are responsible for content partnerships, public affairs, corporate social responsibility, and 'media cooperation.'.

It is reported that fifteen of the current ByteDance employees are also employed concurrently by state media entities in China, including Xinhua News Agency, China Radio International, and China Central / China Global Television.

In addition, US senators are calling for a probe into whether Chinese officials are getting access to information about US users of the social media short video platform TikTok.

The Democratic Senator Mark Warner and Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter to FTC chairwoman Lina Khan urging her to scrutinise how TikTok safeguards private information.

The popular meme-making app TikTok has been working to refute concerns that it poses a security risk.

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