This is the best loadout for the Warzone H4 Blixen

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 18 Aug, 2022

In Call of Duty: Warzone, the weapon meta is wide open, with a number of viable weapons available. Still, statistically, some weapons are better than others. H4 Blixen is one of those, an SMG that was added in 2022.

As a result of its fast time to kill, versatility, and ease of use, the Blixen has been one of the most popular SMGs since its implementation. In spite of this, building the best weapon from 70 different attachments can be overwhelming.

The first thing we need to know is how the H4 Blixen works and what the best playstyles are for it. As an SMG, it is best used close range, though its low recoil makes it suitable for mid-range battles as well. TTK is slightly slower than that of the Armaguerra 43 up close, but this difference is not significant.

It's the same with the Marco 5, as the Blixen kills slightly slower, but considering all the variables that go into eliminating a player, you won't notice much of a difference. It feels nothing like the Marco and Arma, so even though its TTK is slightly worse, you may still enjoy using it. A competitive choice, especially for close-range use, the Blixen is worth trying.

In this build, we recommend maximising the weapon's TTK to ensure its effectiveness up-close. In this case, you'll want to use all the attachments that improve damage output in order to compete with those using the Marco 5 and the Armaguerra 43.

The Recoil Booster Muzzle provides faster firing rates, which improves TTK. It does increase the recoil, but up close, that won't matter much. In addition to improving damage, you can also reduce the vertical and horizontal recoil, making the gun easier to control, by using the Bergström 17-inch F3 Barrel.

The next step is to equip the slate reflector optic, which gives you a clear sight without penalizing your aim time down sight. In order to win close-range battles, it's best to use the Removed Stock for faster ADS, sprint-to-fire, movement, and ADS movement speed.

The Mark IV Skeletal Underbarrel will boost your ADS speed and overall movement speed even further. The mode you are playing will determine whether you should use.It is best to use the 54 round Gorenko 7.62 Gorenko mag, though if you are playing in small team modes, you can use 36 rounds instead.

In order to keep off the minimap like a suppressor, this build uses the Recoil Booster. The Taped Grip is highly recommended after that, as it increases sprint-to-fire speed, movement speed, and overall sprint speed.

Increase speed, ADS movement, and sprint speeds with the Fleet Perk. Finish your build with the Quick Perk 2 to gain even more sprint speed. It won't take your opponents long to realize what hit them.

In terms of Perks, there are plenty of choices, but we almost always choose Quick Fix since it immediately regenerates health after applying armor plates or eliminating enemies.

As a bonus, Tempered allows you to reach maximum armor with only two plates instead of three. In order to switch to your other weapon faster when using an SMG, Amped is typically recommended.

As this weapon will be used up close, it is recommended you bring Throwing Knives to finish off your downed opponents without using ammo. It is especially useful on Resurgence modes since enemies spawn frequently. Among the Tactical Equipment, we recommend Stims, which instantly restore health, even in gas, allowing you to escape danger.

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