Tinder expands the functionality of its app by including adoptable animals in honor of National Dog Week

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 22 Sep, 2022

Tinder Celebrating, National Dog Week

The Dog Rescue Shelters are being combined with Tinder, all over the country to form 'National Dog Week' by making users add a dog for adoption in their profile

Animal Shelters to be featured

Wags & Walks in Los Angeles, 4 Paws Kiddo Rescue (L.A.), Animal Care Centers of NYC, and more are the five animal shelters that Tinder joined hands with on this project.

Reason for this Collaboration

According to the campaign,' Rescue Matches', the user can help a homeless dog to get a family.

Reason for this Collaboration

And a selfish reason is, to increase the opportunity of being right-swiped by other dog lovers.

How to do it?

One can visit or the Tinder app to add the adoptable dog profile card. Upload a picture of yourself after choosing an adoptable dog from the list.

How to do it?

The dog's image is then added as a filter to the picture. A banner displaying the dog's name, location, and adoption information will also be present.

A large number of Dog Lovers

60% of positive feedback is toward people who have a dog picture in their profile.

Help Animals to find a new home

Since both are searching for their perfect match,' Tinder is better positioned during National Dog Week to help people find love and new homes for dogs in need.

Tinder CMO stated that 'During National Dog Week

The CMO states that Tinder is better positioned to assist humans discover love and help dogs in need find new homes –' both looking for their perfect match.

His statement

Being able to express your common interests is so important for sparking new connections, so we wanted to bring our members even more fun ways to find someone new, whether that be a new dog park pal or a step-parent for their furry friend

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