Wheelsets for NSW 808 and 858 are lighter, faster, and less expensive with Zipp

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Posted on: 22 Aug, 2022

Less Expensive With Zipp 

Zipp's wheel range has been updated totally over the most recent few years, with the brand doing a discount change to hookless and tubeless. Currently incorporates the 808 Firecrest and 858 NSW wheelsets. The last piece in the riddle was the brand's most profound edges, and the 808 (80mm-profound) and 858 NSW (82/85mm-profound) have been redone to decrease weight and further develop execution as per Zipp. 

New 8-series Wheels 

With the new 8-series wheels comes a more extensive 23mm inner edge shape that is improved for 28mm tires, as well as another development technique that Zipp says, makes these new circles the brand's 'most rideable' expert speed wheels yet. They're professed to be quicker, as well. Consolidating air and effectiveness gains, Zipp says the 858 wheelset is nine watts quicker while the 808 is six watts quicker. 

Pattern For Zipp Wheels And Expensive For Zipp Wheels 

Furthermore, in what's been a pattern for Zipp wheels as of late, the new wheels are likewise less expensive. The 858 NSW presently comes in at $1,913/$2,000/$1,812 for the front haggle/$2,400/$2,272 for the back, while the 808 is $1,321/$1,125/$1,251 for the front and $1,376/$1,175/$1,302 for the back. 

Zipp 858 NSW What you want to be aware 

243g lighter than the past model
1,530g asserted weight (existing 858 NSW, 1,773g) 
Improved tire bed for simple tire establishment 
Sawtooth edge and Hex Fin ABLC dimple design 
82/85mm-profound edge profile 
At least 25mm tire width 
Improved for 28mm tires 
23mm inner width with tubeless and hookless edge profile 
Lifetime guarantee
Perception V2 centers with Axial Clutch V2 from the 454 NSW 
$750/$6,556/$242 less expensive than the active model

Refreshing a champ 

The 808 has an amazingly expansive arrangement of triumphs in its long history, from different Kona Ironman wins to World Championship and Olympic time preliminary triumphs, Tour de France stage wins - both street and TT - and Milan-San Remo.   For the new wheels, Zipp needed to take the 8-series stage and push it ahead regarding rideability and weight, as well as the standard air refreshes.

Zipp 808 Firecrest What you want to be aware 

282g lighter than the past model 
1,635g guaranteed weight (existing 808 Firecrest, 1,917g) 
At least 25mm tire width 
Streamlined for 28mm tires 
80mm-profound edge profile 
Lifetime guarantee 
23mm inward width with tubeless and hookless edge profile 
$682/$729/$713 less expensive than the active model 

Complete System Efficiency made sense of 

Complete System Efficiency (TSE) centers around four regions, with shifting significance relying upon the sort of rider and riding conditions: wind opposition, gravity, moving obstruction, and vibration misfortunes. We should investigate one by one.

Wind opposition 

For Zipp, conquering wind obstruction is a mix of streamlined productivity and crosswind security. The advancement of the first Firecrest shape, and the extreme Sawtooth NSW state (of the 858 and 454), consolidated Zipp's examination and testing in the two regions. As indicated by Zipp, the transition to a hookless edge likewise gives a smoother edge and tire mix, lessening an area of high choppiness and, like this, drag.


While the updated state of the edge, and the presentation of hookless innovation, further develop streamlined features, Zipp says there's likewise an advantage in saving weight. The weight investment funds here are great, with 282g saved money on the 808 and 243g on the 858 NSW.

Moving obstruction 

This is where things can get fascinating. For a long time, street riders felt that a smaller tire, siphoned up to a high tire strain on a street bicycle, was the quickest choice. The most recent exploration has shown that it's smarter to go wide - sensibly speaking - to decrease moving obstruction. It's a pattern we've seen, from size accessibility on the best street bicycle tires to the most recent Tour de France machines. 

Vibration misfortunes 

The last piece in the TSE puzzle, and one Zipp distinguished as having the option to bring enormous proficiency gains, covers vibration misfortunes. For instance, while the new 858 edge shape is just a single watt more efficiently effective, as per Zipp, the brand's certifiable trying has shown gains of eight watts for the 858 and five watts for the 808 with regards to vibration and moving opposition enhancements.

Costs and accessibility (Zipp 858 NSW )

Zipp 858 NSW front wheel: $1,913/$2,000/$1,812 
Zipp 858 NSW back tire: $2,396/$2,897/$2,272 (XDR) 
Zipp 858 NSW back tire: $2396/$2,897/$2,271 (Shimano/SRAM) 

Zipp 808 Firecrest 

Zipp 808 front wheel: $1,321/$1,125/$1,250 
Zipp 808 back tire: $1,376/$1,175/$1,301 (XDR)
Zipp 808 back tire: $1,376/$1,175/$1,301 (Shimano/SRAM)

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