With Windows 10 and Chrome, switching default browsers will be even easier

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 16 Aug, 2022

When Microsoft made its Edge browser mandatory for uninterested users, it lost quite a bit of goodwill, but maybe those days are nearing an end as Microsoft starts to phase out its Edge browser.

 The GIF below can help you get a glimpse into the future by showing a possible preview of what is to come, courtesy of Leopeva64, who has a future version of Google's Chrome web browser on their machine, alongside an update to Windows 10 for 2H22.

As of March this year, Windows 11 already offered an improved approach to switching your default browser that would require only a few clicks in the settings menu, but on a side note, you can see that Windows 10 offered an even more user-friendly experience.

 The Chrome and Windows 10 22H2 updates seem to make it immediately possible to set it via a popup in the browser itself. I'd sure appreciate it if Windows 11 had that feature as well.

We might be entering a new golden age where browsers can compete on their merits instead of pushing or begging. Rival browsers like Firefox and Opera already support the same kind of one-click switching of default apps in-browser.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't count on it, as Microsoft is not the only browser manufacturer that is aggressive about prompts, others do the same.

 The one-touch feature is not clear as of right now, and it will be unsure whether it will work in Windows 11 at all, or even if it will work at all.

 When my colleague Tom tried it with the 22H2 update, it just pushed him into the settings menu without actually doing anything at all, and it just prompted him to reinstall the software. I was not able to get it to work on Windows 11 21H2 either.

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