Satellite reveals a new Pacific Island was forming when an undersea volcano erupted

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 28 Sep, 2022

The cause of the eruption

A baby island did not need to be delivered to the Pacific Ocean by a giant stork. Volcanoes underwater erupted to cause the eruption.

The emit of the material

An island was quickly born out of the material emitted from the home Reef volcano in Tonga earlier this month.

The release of images

According to the release, the NASA Earth Observatory released images this week showing the new land mass as seen by satellite on September 14.

Eruption in the island

The image has discoloured water plumes, ash clouds, and lava. There have been volcanic eruptions on the island in the past.

The occurrence of eruption

An eruption in Tonga in 2022 caused shock waves to be spewed into space, and the nation is famous for doing so.

The rise of the island

There has been a much gentler eruption at Home Reef, but it has taken only 11 hours for the new island to rise above the surface once the eruption started on September 10.

Statement from NASA

There is a greenish hue to the water that surrounds the site. NASA said that particulate matter, volcanic rock fragments, and sulfur are found in these plumes of acidic seawater.

The surface is estimated

Approximately 50 feet above sea level, the island has an estimated surface area of 8.6 acres, according to a Tonga Geological Services update on Monday.

Eruption of the rock

According to the agency, there is little risk to nearby communities from the eruption, and all mariners are advised to stay away from the area during the eruption.

Island volcanoes remain

Some of these volcanic islands remain for a long time, while others wash away. There have been eruptions at Home Reef in 1852, 1857, 1984, and 2006.

Creation with responsibility

Those events were responsible for the creation of islands which have since disappeared. As time goes on, we'll be able to find out what will happen to this new island.

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