You no longer need a password to access your vault with LastPass

In spite of the fact that you use a password manager, you don't have to type in passwords every time you use it... and now you don't have to.

A new feature of LastPass allows users to access their vaults without using a password — this is the first passwordless sign-in feature in a password manager, according to the company. 

You can update account information on the web without entering your master password by granting permission to the LastPass Authenticator mobile app.

In the future, LastPass promises to offer password-free options beyond the Authenticator app, such as relying on biometrics or hardware security keys. The feature is available to both personal and business users.

LastPass's browser extension already takes care of some headaches, but it may seem odd to use a phone app to check passwords on your PC.

Nonetheless, this should make password management easier. You might be convinced to use a stronger password for your vault knowing you'll only need to type it in very rarely.

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