Google transfers $249,999 into security expert's account

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 17 Sep, 2022

$250,000 payment

A Google representative claimed a $250,000 payment to a confused cybersecurity professional was human error

Sam Curry

Sam Curry, a 'hacker' at Yuga Labs, claims Google deposited $249,999 in his bank account without informing him why

Contact the firm

He attempted to contact the firm over three weeks but never heard back

Bug-hunting projects

Curry occasionally works on bug-hunting projects for Google, but he couldn't uncover a connection to the strange reward

Fixing the issue

A Google official acknowledged the payment was made by error and said the company is fixing the issue

Human mistake

Our staff recently paid the incorrect party due to a 'human mistake,' a spokesman told NPR

Fixing the mistakes

We're fixing it, and we're delighted the impacted partner informed us straight quickly

Curry told MarketWatch

Curry finally got answers to his questions and concerns on Friday. Curry told MarketWatch

Paying back

Curry  said Yes, Google called me, and I'm paying them back today

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