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The best way to extend the life of your Apple Watch battery


The best way to extend the life of your Apple Watch battery

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 16 Aug, 2022

The battery life of an Apple Watch after a fresh recharge is generally around 18 hours, regardless of the model - from the Series 3 to the current Series 7.

According to Apple's estimate, you'll get 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app usage, and a 60-minute workout with Bluetooth music. It is possible that your mileage will vary significantly, depending on how much you use your watch.

After the battery has completely depleted, you must wait a long time before using your watch again. It takes about two hours for Apple's magnetic charging cable to reach 80% charge.

A Series 6 takes about an hour and a half to fully charge, whereas a Series SE takes two hours. The Series 7 promises an 80% charge in 45 minutes and the ability to track a night's sleep in just eight minutes.

Series 5 or newer Apple Watches are capable of displaying continuous live information, just like regular wristwatches. That always-on display, however, devours battery life. The perpetual display mode can be turned off if you don't need or want it.

In Apple Watches 4 and older, a gyroscope and accelerometer are used to turn on the display when your wrist is raised. As a result, the battery takes a hit each time this happens.

The time can be found by tapping the Display, rotating the crown, or pressing the Side button once you disable Wrist Raise. This tutorial shows you how to turn off Wrist Raise on your Apple Watch.

The heart rate monitor on your watch can be disabled if you do not need it to track your heart rate. In addition to improving calorie counting accuracy, constantly checking your pulse drains your battery.

The WatchOS software on your Apple Watch is updated regularly, so it's always a good idea to make sure it's up-to-date. As a result, you can be more secure and efficient when using The operations of your watch. If your Apple Watch is on the charger and within range of your iPhone, the watch will automatically install software updates overnight.

It is important to choose a watch face that will maximize your battery life. Apple Watch has an OLED display with self-emitting technology, meaning each pixel produces its own light.

The pixels on a black or dark screen use less or no battery power. Watch faces with bright colors or animations should be avoided. Black is the best color for watch faces, and complications should be avoided. If you want to change your watch face, follow these steps.

The Apple Watch's battery life will be improved by eliminating some non-critical notifications. Apple Watch mirrors all iPhone notifications. Apple Watches send haptic alerts and light the screen less frequently when selected alerts are disabled. The formula can be altered as follows.

The Power Reserve mode can save your watch if its battery is rapidly draining. As a result, all features except the time will be shut off, so your watch will continue to work until it is recharged again.

You can use Power Reserve mode when you're driving, attending meetings, watching a movie, or when you don't need to see more than the time. If you'd like to exit Power Reserve, you'll need to hold the Side button until your Apple Watch restarts.

Apple Watch apps download and update data in the background, including some that are exclusive to the Apple Watch. Apple Watch apps are automatically installed when you download iPhone apps from the App Store. Apps like these consume significant battery power for Watch functions you may not be interested in. I'll tell you how to handle it.

The Apple Watch connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth LE. The technology minimizes energy consumption. The Apple Watch must use Wi-Fi if it is disabled, which consumes more power.

In the background, your Apple Watch apps constantly update, pulling in new information so that when you open them, you are seeing the latest version. The convenience comes at the expense of battery life. It is possible to turn off non-essential apps you rarely use or don't need in order to save battery life.

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