Google accidentally pays a security expert $249,999

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Google accidentally pays a security expert $249,999

Google; $250,000 payment to a baffled cybersecurity professional was a "human error"

A spokeswoman for Google said that a payment of approximately two hundred and fifty thousand dollars made in the account of a perplexed cybersecurity specialist was the "product of a human mistake."

Sam Curry, who calls himself a "hacker" and works as a staff security engineer at Yuga Labs, said on Twitter that Google put $249,999 into his bank account without telling him why. Even though he tried to get in touch with the company several times over three weeks, he never heard back from them. Curry said that he sometimes works on bug-hunting projects for tech companies like Google, but he couldn't find a link between any recent projects and the mysterious payout. A Google representative has confirmed that the payment was made by mistake and said that the company is taking steps to fix the problem.

'Attempt to fix the issue'

According to what the representative told NPR, our team recently made a payment to the wrong party because of "human error." "We are trying to fix it, and we are glad that the partner affected by it told us about it right away," Curry said on Friday that he finally answered his questions and worries. In an interview with MarketWatch, Curry said, "Yes, Google did call me, and I'm going to the bank today to pay it back."

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