No Work from home! Apple employees launch petition over the company!

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There is no work from home at Apple! Apple employees launch a petition against the company!

On 22nd August, Apple employees launched a petition in response to the company's plan as the employees have hit back at the tech giant's return to the office.

It was posted online by a solidarity union known as Apple Together. The company memo issued by Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that at least three days a week. On 5th September, the company is set to begin a new policy. 

Previous proposals!

The plan is looser than previous proposals, forcing staff to return every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It enhances the company's ability to work flexibly, preserving the in-person collaboration that is essential to the culture. Apple Employee petition, for the past two years, Apple's formerly office-based employees have performed exceptional work flexibly outside and inside traditional office environments. 
A group of workers who operate under the name Apple together has circulated a petition pushing back against Cook’s orders having greater flexibility would promote diversity within the company. Apple encourages not prohibiting flexible work to build a more diverse and successful company that feels comfortable thinking differently together. 

Return to the office!

Apple leadership requires a general return to office starting the week of 5th September. This uniform mandate from senior leadership does not consider the unique demands of each job role or the diversity of individuals.

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Those asking for more flexible arrangements have many compelling reasons and circumstances, from disabilities, safety, family care, and environmental concerns. Apple should encourage, not prohibit, flexible work to build a more diverse and successful company. Other tech companies, such as Twitter and Facebook, introduced policies at the start of the pandemic that allowed staff to work from home permanently. 

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