The Ojibwe Forests Rally is led by Travis Pastrana after the first day

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The Ojibwe Forests Rally is led by Travis Pastrana after the first day

A 9.1-second lead over Block would be taken by Travis Pastrana after SS1. Pastrana won only one of the four stages of the first loop, with Block winning the other three. At the end of the first loop, Block cut Pastrana's lead to 6.0 seconds. Pastrana would finish the loop 31.1 seconds ahead of Semenuk.

 A second loop would not change Travis Pastrana's lead. As with the first loop, Pastrana would only win one stage on this loop. The remaining three stages would also be won by Block, just as in the first loop. Pastrana finished 5.5 seconds ahead of Block. 

Two minutes and 24.7 seconds separated Brandon Semenuk from Block at the end of the day. After clipping a rock on SS5, Block suffered a puncture, causing him to lose extra time to Pastrana. A privilege was bestowed on Ken Block on Day One in sweeping the road. When you're fighting for a championship, sweeping the road isn't what you want to be doing, but somebody's gotta do it.

As a result, Block finished the race 5.5 seconds behind Pastrana, making the most of his road position. The second day will see Block start second on the road. The Ojibwe Forests Rally has never seen Brandon Semenuk place higher than third, and if things remain the same, that won't change. 

Semenuk currently leads the 2022 ARA National Championship, but a third-place finish could affect his chances of winning the championship. In the first loop, Semenuk suffered a puncture, which cost him time. As Semenuk raced the entire second loop without a rear wing, the first loop wasn't much better.

When Semenuk hit something and was forced into a rut, he punctured a tire to free himself, but the hinges on the wing caused it to come off. A Subaru Motorsports USA employee would ask Semenuk how the day was at the end of SS8 and he would respond, "Frustrating.".

There wasn't much going right, but we're here so we've just got to keep going."With rivals Ken Block and Travis Pastrana facing off on day two, it should be much the same as the first day. Both drivers will put their all into the race with crucial championship points on the line. The main question heading into day two is whether Travis Pastrana can maintain his lead.

Pastrana led the entire day after taking the lead on SS1. Seven times, Travis Pastrana has won the Ojibwe Forests Rally. Despite being behind the pace all season, Pastrana has yet to win this season. Pastrana must win here if he hopes to stay in the championship hunt.

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